The Land Beyond by Leon McCarron Score 75%

The Land Beyond by Leon McCarron

A journey through time in one of the most historically turbulent areas of the world, the Middle East. Travelling 1000 miles on foot in the Holy Land, Leon McCarron comments on the history, culture and religion that has shaped the land beneath him. Walking mostly alone, Leon tells the story of the people, not the politics.

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Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys Score 88%

Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys

Perhaps the most inspirational and encouraging book there is to get you motivated and yearning for the great outdoors. If you’re looking for ideas to help you get outside, advice to aide you on your first adventure or even tips to better experience the natural world, then Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys is all you need!

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