The purpose of this blog is to document my thoughts, feelings and antics, as I attempt to pursue a life full of adventure and wonder. I truly believe that we are surrounded by endless opportunities for adventure, we just have to be brave enough to embrace them.


With graduation fast approaching and no idea what to do with the rest of my life, I needed something to look forward to after university. So in November 2016 I started thinking of possible adventures and, through a suggestion by a friend, the idea to cycle around the world was born.

At this point the idea was quickly blown out of proportion into a fully fledged career in cycle-touring. Starting off with a “practice” ride, we, my friend and I, would cycle through Europe, down the length of Africa, up the length of South America and across the States. After this we would attempt the World Record for Tandem Circumnavigation (which was recently set by The Tandem Men) and then move onto the World Record for Human Powered Circumnavigation. If all went to plan we would be two times world record holders and famous within the cycle-touring community within about 10 years…

Obviously this was an unrealistic idea. To set goals so high so soon with no real planning, wasn’t going to go anywhere. As such, the goal to cycle around the world is still in place, but with no set start date. This allows me to; familiarise myself with a bike again, train and hopefully raise money for charity along the way.

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