As you may remember from last month, I am taking it upon myself to set monthly targeted training goals that will gradually build me up from a non-cyclist to an adventure-cyclist ready to take on the world. Last month I set myself the challenge of cycling a total of 200 miles, but this month I’m setting myself a slightly different challenge.

Instead of another mileage goal to cycle ‘x’ miles over the length of the month, for September I have challenged myself to cycle 66.6 miles in one day/outing. The reason for this is because my 100 mile cycle for Macmillan Cancer Support is only just over a month away on October 14th and, although cycling a load of miles in a month helps, being able to cycle longer distances in one day is my main priority.

Currently my longest cycle to date has been a 35.2 mile ride in just under 3 hours, on a somewhat slightly wet overcast Thursday last week. This is only just over 1/3 of the total distance I will need to cycle! So my theory is that if I can build up from cycling 35.2 miles to 66.6 miles in one month then I can build up from 66.6 miles to 100 miles ready for my Devon Coast to Coast cycle!*

This month I will cycle 66.6 miles in one day!

*Yes I know I will only have 2 weeks training in October, but the idea is that I will be confident enough and trained enough to be able to cycle 100 miles over the course of the day with sufficient breaks.