As you may already know, from my Monthly Goals post for August, I set myself the target of cycling 200 miles over the course of the month and I am pleased to say that I successfully managed to cycle just over 201 miles!

While this may not seem like that much of an achievement, it was only back in July that I got on a bike for the first time in over 10 years, so to cycle a total of 200 miles a month on is pretty substantial in my opinion.

I shan’t provide a full breakdown of each week’s cycling in this post as this has been done elsewhere, so if you’re interested in a more detailed week by week summary please check out the following posts:

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Although I’m not breaking down the month week by week or cycle by cycle, I feel it is necessary to comment on and summarise my personal bests for the month across things like distance cycled and distance climbed, as this will allow me to see how I’m improving month on month. My statistics for this month are:

Personal Bests
Furthest Ride:
35.2 miles
Longest Ride: 2 hours 53 minutes 08 seconds
Most Distance Climbed: 1,575 ft

Month Totals
Total Distance Cycled: 201.4 miles
Total Time Cycling: 17 hours 30 minutes 29 seconds
Total Distance Climbed: 10,979 ft

If you’re interested in seeing what my targets are for next month, please read my Monthly Goals post for September!