As set in this post, my target for September was to cycle 66.6 miles in one day. Did I reach my target? Unfortunately not, however, I did learn a lot about long distance cycling, weather conditions and gained experience of part of the coast-to-coast cycle route that I will be cycling next month.

So how far did I actually manage?
I managed to cycle 41.5 miles in one day. Now although this seems miles off target, there are some justifiable reasons as to why I didn’t reach 66.6 miles.

So why didn’t I reach my target?
Firstly, the target itself was probably a bit too optimistic. Bearing in mind that I only had three weeks of September to cycle in, since I went to Barcelona with Isabel for a week, I didn’t have quite enough time to push myself. If I had another cycle the week after the 41.5 miles, I probably could have got a lot closer.
Secondly, the conditions were horrible. On that 41.5 mile cycle all 4 hours and 15 minutes cycling were in heavy rainfall and in new territory. I had never really cycled in the rain before and that route was completely new to me – I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of the route was on narrow hilly country roads with hardly any sign posts, which meant I quite often wasted time by taking wrong turns.

So what lessons did I learn?

  • I need to add some improvements to my bike i.e. mudguards and a phone holder for GPS.
  • Cycling in the rain isn’t so bad after all. You actually get quite used to it once you’re already soaked through…
  • Research the route beforehand to not waste time being lost.
  • Eat and drink more to replenish energy.

Final thoughts?
Although I didn’t reach this month’s target, I did set a few more personal bests this month. I cycled the furthest distance I’ve ever done in a day, I climbed the highest distance I’ve ever done in a day and I cycled for the longest time I’ve ever done in a day. I’m still progressing well and will push myself to complete the coast-to-coast cycle.