After the poor start to the month last week, this week has been slightly more positive but still nowhere near as great as my cycling in August. However, there are still some things to take away and I also have an announcement to make!

Firstly, I went on two outings this week compared to last weeks one (still not great since ideally I’d want to be cycling 3/4 times a week) and cycled a total of 33.9 miles. My first cycle on Tuesday felt tough and uncomfortable after a week off the saddle and it also felt as if my left knee was niggling slightly. This probably means I need to look into my saddle height/handlebar height ahead of my lengthier cycles to make sure everything is optimal.

Secondly, my second outing was a comfortable 22 miles at an okay speed of 11.7 mph. This is good news ahead of my lengthier 66.6 mile cycle this weekend, and my up-coming 100 mile cycle, because I felt like I could have easily cycled for another couple hours at a similar pace.

Thirdly, and finally, the announcement. I have booked a trip to Barcelona with my girlfriend for next week. We are staying in the city for four nights so you can expect a day by day travel journal of our time there. We have a load of stuff planned so follow the blog for updates (see right hand side) and expect pictures on Instagram (@doran_el_explorer).