After the poor efforts of last week, I was left with 51.5 miles to cycle over the last two days of August to reach my 200 mile goal for the month. Thankfully the long weekend break from cycling meant my legs were fresh and ready allowing me to cycle over 52 miles in just two days!

This week has been a fairly encouraging week of cycling as it has proved that I can consistently cycle fair distances without needing rest days in-between. A 17.9 mile cycle on Wednesday the 30th saw me ease back onto the saddle with a smooth ride to Topsham and back at 12.2 mph. This was then followed by a 35.2 mile on Thursday the 31st to make sure I reached my mileage goal for August. You can read more about my thoughts/feelings on reaching my monthly goal here.

This week also saw a slow start towards my new monthly goal for September which you can read about here. A slow relaxed 1.6 mile cycle on Saturday the 2nd put my first miles on the clock for September and eased my legs back into cycling after the long near 3 hour cycle on Thursday.