Having got on a bike for the first time in around 10 years in July, I dedicated the rest of that month to familiarising myself with a bike again and improving my confidence. For the first couple weeks of being back on a bike I would only ride up and down the road outside my house! However, I’m now confident enough to start training properly to build up my overall fitness and stamina.

You may have read in my Monthly Goals post for August that I am aiming to cycle 200 miles this month, which is a big step up from last month, and I’ve made a decent start this week. The total stats for this week are; 64.8 miles cycled and 4,377 ft/ 1344 m climbed. This is a massive improvement from just cycling up and down the road outside my house!

However, one of the cycles last week was done on Monday 31st of July and as such, I can’t include it as part of the 200 miles for August. The ride on Monday was 18.8 miles so my current mileage for August is 46 miles, which means I have 154 miles left to cycle over 3.5 weeks.

This week also saw my best cycle to date, with a 2 hour cycle accumulating 23.9 miles cycled and 1,504 ft / 458 m climbed! Unfortunately my phone crashed while recording so the actual stats should be slightly higher, but I’m still pleased with the effort. You can see the route for the cycle here.

Next week I’m aiming for the golden 50 miles with an improvement on my best cycle! Providing my phone doesn’t crash again that is…