Week 1 of the Couch-To-5k consists of three runs of alternating one minute of running with ninety seconds of walking for a total of twenty minutes, plus a five minute warm up and cool down walk. Easy right? Yes.

The first week of the programme assumes that you aren’t particularly fit and that you don’t exercise often. It aims to build the foundations of fitness and routine that will last for the next nine weeks. The running is short and broken up with walks to allow you to recover and in total you only run for eight minutes. But it’s a start and that’s what’s important here. You have your foot in the door. Having completed week 1 you’re already on track to 5k even if you feel like you’ve done nothing at all. You’re motivated and committed to take things further.

My runs this week consisted of two evening runs and one early morning fasted run i.e. before breakfast. Having a basic level of fitness meant this week wasn’t a struggle (even on the fasted run) and it gives you a sense of what is to come and how great the task at hand actually is. Although I found this weeks running fairly straight forward, it did put into perspective how hard running 5k straight away would be.

Roll on Week 2!