This week of the training plan has been the most interesting to date and compared to the first two weeks of the plan, week 3 feels like a big jump in the right direction. You’re still doing interval training, but this time the three runs now consist of two repetitions of ninety seconds of running followed by ninety seconds of walking and then three minutes of running follow by three minutes of walking. This means that although you’re running less in total from the week before (ten minutes of running instead of twelve), you’re running for longer distances at a time.

Although running for three minutes consistently is only a tenth of what’s required for 5k, it’s a massive increase on the first week of the plan which was a thirtieth. It also means that I’m now a third of the way through the plan and another step closer to running 5k which I think deserves a pat on the back.

My runs this week consisted of three evening runs in cold conditions of around 5C and I feel like I need to start getting some warmer running gear – It’s getting a bit too cold for shorts and t-shirt! In terms of the running, I’ve surprised myself this week. Having struggled slightly last week I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run for three minutes consistently, but I did.

Come on Week 4!