This week for the first time in the Couch to 5k plan, the three runs were all different. The there runs were:

Run one: five minutes of running, three minutes of walking, five minutes of running, three minutes of walking and five minutes of running.
Run two: eight minutes of running, five minutes of walking and eight minutes of running.
Run three: 20 minutes of running, with no walking.

As you can tell things are stepping up quite fast now, since last week was only a total of 16 minutes of running with nearly 6 minutes of rests in between and the week before was only 10 minutes of running with 10 minutes of breaks!

Immensely proud of myself this week as 20 minutes running without breaks is a massive achievement and at the start of the programme this distance seemed impossible. I struggled with 3 minutes of running let alone 20!

Going strong heading into Week 6!